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Space Age Pop Music Artists List
The sound of tomorrow today !
Les Baxter   Martin Denny   Enoch Light   Juan Esquivel   Ferrante and Teicher
 Jackie Gleason  George Shearing  Nelson Riddle  Henry Mancini  Dick Schory 
Terry Snyder  Dick Hyman  Tony Mottola  Doc Severinsen  Bob Thompson
Sid Bass  Perrey and Kingsley  Dean Elliott  Henry Rene  Robert Maxwell
Tito Puente Perez Prado  Xavier Cugat  Yma Sumac  Hugo Montenegro 
Richard Hayman  The Three Suns  Russ Garcia  Marty Gold  Billy May
Arthur Lyman  Tak Shindo  Robert Drasnin  Steve Allen  Leo Diamond
Jack Costanzo Pedro Garcia Jack Fascinato Si Zentner Harry Breuer
Mel Henke  David Rose  Morton Gould  Harry Revel  Bernie Green
and many other great but long forgotten performers


Record Labels
 1950s and early 1960s 
Hi Fi and Stereo Pioneers

"Grand Award" Phase X Spectacular Stereophonic Sound

"Command Records" The Greatest Advance in Sound!
"Stereo 35/mm" Magnetic Film Recording series
"Dimension.3" the Incredible Miracle of "3 Speakers Presence"

 "Rca and Vik" labels New Orthophonic High Fidelity
"Rca Living Stereo" series
"Rca 317X" Miracle Surface 
"Rca Stereo Action" Music in Motion series
"Rca Dynagroove" Magnificent New Sound series

"Capitol" Duophonic series
"Capitol" Full Spectrum of Sound series
"Capitol" Full Dimensional Stereo series

"Westminster" Natural Balance High Fidelity series

"ABC Paramount" Full Color Fidelity series

"Liberty" Spectra Sonic Sounds series
"Liberty" Premier Visual Sound Stereo series

"Audio Fidelity" Stereo Disc
Study in Stereophonic High Fidelity

"United Artists" Ultra Audio Wall to Wall Stereo series

"Directional Sound" Dynamic Stereo series

"Mercury" Perfect Presence Sound series


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