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Space Age Pop a go-go

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Table of contents

Space Age Pop Music
Artists and record labels list

Ferrante and Teicher
Soundproof   Soundblast

Ferrante and Teicher
Heavenly Sounds in hi-fi   With Percussion

Ferrante and Teicher
Blast Off   Pianos in Paradise

Harry Revel  Theremin   Music from out of Space
Music out of the Moon    Music for Peace of Mind

Sounds in Space   Rca 1958 Living Stereo
Sterephonic Sound Demonstration Record

Sid Bass    From Another World
Sound and Fury   With Bells On

Pete Rugolo  Music from out of Space

Russ Garcia  Fantastica  Music from Outer Space

Leo Diamond  Subliminal Sounds

Marty Gold    Wired for Sound   Hi-fi Fo Fum
Organised for hi-fi & other Vic label releases

The Three Suns Twilight Time   Soft and Sweet
Slumbertime   Easy Listening   Midnight for Two

Jackie Gleason   Music for Lovers only
Music Martinis and Memories    Tawny

King Guion  Emotion, Inc.

Nelson Riddle  The Joy of Living   Witchcraft
Route 66 Theme and other tv themes

Bob Thompson  On the Rocks   mmm Nice!

Leonard Feather and Dick Hayman  Hi-fi Suite

Felix Slatkin  Fantastic Percussion

Jack Fascinato  Music from a Surplus Store

Dean Elliott  Zounds! What Sounds!

Si Zentner  The Swinging Eye!!!!!

Harry Breuer  Mallet Mischief

Bernie Green  Plays more than you can stand in hi-fi
Musically Mad with the Stereo Mad-Men

The Mighty Accordion Band  It couldn't be done!

Henry Mancini  The Versatile Henri Mancini
The Music from Peter Gunn

Mad Drums!  Swinging Percussion Sounds

Mick Simpson  Discussion in Percussion

Esquivel  Infinity in Sound
Volume One & Volume Two

Dick Schory  Percussive Art Ensemble
Music to Break any Mood   Politely Percussive

Dick Schory  Supercussion Percussion Pops
Stereo Action Series   Runnin' Wild

Stereo Action Series  Rca Victor record collection
The Sound your Eye can follow   Music in Motion

Henri René  Dynamic Dimensions
Bernie Green  Futura
Guitars Unlimited plus 7  Crazy Rhythm
Marty Gold goes Hollywood

Dynamic Directional Stereo Series
Cool.  Potent.  Passionate.  Percussion

Terry Snyder Command Label Albums
Persuasive Percussion   Provocative Percussion

Terry Snyder Wall to Wall Stereo Albums
Mister Percussion    Footlight Percussion
Gentle Puur-cussion

Enoch Light  Percussion and Brass   Bongos
Bongos bongos bongos   Bongos Flutes Guitars

Enoch Light   The Private Life of a Private Eye
Pertinent Percussion Cha Cha's   Dimension 3

Don Lamond  Off Beat Percussion
Dick Hyman  The Man from O.r.g.a.n

Command records sound advance gallery one

Command records sound advance gallery two

Command records sound advance gallery three

Command records sound advance gallery four

Command records sound advance gallery five

George Shearing  Latin Escapade
Burnished Brass   Latin Lace

Billy May  Cha-Cha!

Carmen Cavallaro  With that Latin Beat

Don Swan  Latino

Tito Puente  Let's Cha Cha with Puente
Tamboo   Top Percussion

Pedro Garcia  Cha Cha Cha
Tropical Cruise   A Tropical Affair

Perrez Prado  Voodoo Suite   Exotic Suite

Robert Drasnin  Voodoo   Percussion Exotique!

Richard Hayman  Voodoo!

Richard Hayman
Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine

Tak Shindo  Accent on Bamboo
Brass and Bamboo

Markko Polo Adventures  Orienta

Webley Edwards  Fire Goddess  Hawaii Calls

Stanley Wilson  Pagan Love  Exotic Instrumentals

Leo Arnaud  Spectra Sonic Sounds

Augie Colon  Sophisticated Savage

Les Baxter records gallery one

Les Baxter records gallery two

Les Baxter records gallery three

Les Baxter records gallery four

Les Baxter records gallery five

Les Baxter records gallery six

Les Baxter records gallery seven

Les Baxter records gallery eight

Les Baxter  Ritual of the Savage  Tamboo!

Les Baxter  Round the World  Kaleidoscope
Midnight on the Cliffs

Les Baxter  Space Escapades  Skins!

Les Baxter  African Jazz  Jungle Jazz

Les Baxter  Ports of Pleasure  Jewels of the Sea

Les Baxter  Caribbean Moonlight
Quiet Village  Wild Guitars

Les Baxter  The Sacred Idol   Voice of the Xtabay

Les Baxter  The Soul of the Drums
The Primitive and the Passionate

Les Baxter Martin Denny Si Zentner  Exotica Suite

Martin Denny records gallery one

Martin Denny records gallery two

Martin Denny records gallery three

Martin Denny records gallery four

Martin Denny  Exotica  Exotica II  Exotica III

Martin Denny  Exotic Percussion  Enchanted Sea

Martin Denny  Hawaii goes a go-go  Exotic Love

Martin Denny  Exotic Sounds visit Broadway
Exotic Sounds from the Silver Screen

Ultra Lounge Capitol label 1996 cd releases

Ultra Lounge Capitol label 1997 cd releases

Ultra Lounge cd promo releases 1996 - 2002

Ultra Lounge Special feature 1996 cd releases

Scamp records 1996 cd releases

Scamp records Martin Denny 1997 cd reissues

Scamp records 1997 cd releases

Music for a Bachelor Den in hi-fi cd releases

Rhino records Cocktail Mix cd releases

Varèse Sarabande Bachelor Pad Music cd releases

Rca History of Space Age Pop & other cd reissues

Arthur Lyman cd reissues on Ryko and Crescendo

Some Interesting Exotica cd reissues

Space Age Pop & Lounge music cd reissues

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